all-Russian Survey of the Population (Omnibus)


Omnibus is one of the most well-known research solutions on the Russian market. A monthly representative all-Russian study that includes the different thematic blocks of questions from several interested companies. 

Why use Omnibus?   

  • to obtain accurate and comparable data by measurements under constant conditions
  • to find out what part of the population has certain signs/properties without organizing a separate expensive research
  • to predict the reaction of the population/consumers to the appearance on the market of new goods / services
  • to carry out quantitative verification of qualitative (desk) research data

Advantages of using Omnibus with us

  • Omnibus is an ideal tool for monitoring (tracking) research, due to the stability and reproducibility of the sample

  • the representativeness of the survey makes it possible to extend its results to the entire adult population of Russia

  • measurements are taken under constant conditions to ensure data comparability

  • the sample is formed for each wave of the survey according to a unified system of rules, which ensures regular updating of the sample population, as well as data consistency

  • a small volume of the questionnaire (up to 35 questions) allows an interview to be conducted in no more than 20 minutes

  • the survey is conducted on tablets in the form of a face-to-face interview, which allows you to represent all target audiences, correctly work with complex, tabular and graphic questions, demonstrate cards and other visual materials

  • the quality of data is controlled according to a well-established scheme - at least 20% of randomly selected questionnaires for each interviewer are checked by telephone calls

Methodology of research 

  • 1,600 respondents, 50 regions of the Russian Federation, 150 settlements
  • the survey is conducted by the method of personal interviews (face-to-face) using a structured questionnaire
  • data represent the population of Russia by gender, age, education and type of settlement
  • the maximum measurement error does not exceed 3.4% (with a confidence level of 0.95)

The advantages of the all-Russian Omnibus have already been appreciated by 

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We also conduct all-Russian representative surveys of entrepreneurs (business-omnibus)

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