ОМНИБУС НАФИ (всероссийский опрос населения)


Всероссийский опрос населения (омнибус) 

A monthly, all Russian survey of the population, simultaneously including in one questionnaire, different thematic blocks from several customers.

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Why do we use the omnibus? 

  • monitoring of brand awareness and health (brand tracking) 
  • impact assessment of an advertising campaign 
  • the testing of demand for services and support of product launching on to the market
  • evaluation of public sentiment and consumer activity 
  • the effect of changes in legislation and to ongoing reforms  
  • Advantages 

  • a representative all-Russian sample (14+)
  • the study is conducted at least once per month
  • you  formulate the research and only pay for the questions that you request 
  • results are available in three days, following completion of the survey
  • the research is not "paneled" and each time can make a random selection from previous themes
  • the survey method corresponds to the target audience

  • methodology of research 

    The method of data collection is by the combination of residential, street and internet survey methods. 
    Choosing the most convenient method for each target group.
    Sample: all-Russian (n=2 000 people), representing the population (14+) by sex, age, education and type of settlement. 
    Error margin 2,2%.
    Geography: 150 settlements in 42 regions of the RF 
    The research covered all federal districts.

    The advantages of the all-Russian omnibus have already been appreciated by 

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    We also conduct all-Russian representative surveys of entrepreneurs (business-omnibus)

    Other methods of research, used by NAFI