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Head of Social Economic Research Department
The level of concern about price increase in 2019 is the lowest over the last years, although, for example, utilities tariffs were raised twice this year, in January and July. The share of Russians who refused to travel on vacation or visit relatives to save money continues to grow. If such trips are considered as irregular expenses, reduction of costs on education and medicine is an unpleasant trend.
Deputy CEO
Savings in foreign currency have become less profitable: rates on deposits in dollars and euros have decreased to a minimum, and this is one of the most common forms of savings for Russians.
Head of Social Economic Research Department
According to the research, relatives and, in particular, children
remain the main source of support for the elderly. Relying on help of others
people is a consequence of insecurity of their own financial future.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
According to official statistics, the number of internal labor migrants in 2018 reached 3 million people including migrants within the same region.The leader in the number of internal migrants is the Central Federal District. Moscow is on the first place in terms of labor inflow.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
Despite the rather high indicators of digital literacy of teachers, it was revealed that first of all teachers need to deepen their knowledge in work with computer hardware and software, develop skills in using modern gadgets and applications in educational process.
Research Director
 The regions of the Project show better dynamics for all four indicators compared to Russia as a whole. This is especially noticeable in the pilot regions (Kaliningrad and Volgograd regions), which have included the project since 2011.

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