Measuring Financial Literacyin all regions of Russia

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Successful digital business transformation consists of many factors: implementation of digital technologies, new tools for building business processes and protecting information. One of the most important aspects is creation of a special corporate culture dedicated to development of new technologies in the company.
Deputy CEO
Over the past year, the tourist activity of Russians has grown, and we expect the trend is to strengthen in the near future. On the one hand, economic difficulties limit household spending on holidays, especially on foreign travels.
Deputy CEO
Several factors reduce the level of loyalty to banks today. Firstly, macroeconomic aspects and regulatory policies led to more restrained marketing activity of banks. Secondly, another reason is the consequences of license revocation. “Forced loyalty” has intensified, it’s the situation when a client prefers not the brand, product or service, but the factor of state participation.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
Older people are perceived as dependent in Russian culture: it is customary to care for them, and employers consider employees of pre-retirement age physically weak, less ambitious, less trained. It’s not yet accepted to raise qualifications during our life.
Deputy CEO
Digital literacy is an essential condition for the development of the digital economy. However, it is not enough for economic growth. The next step is the development of digital competencies, professional knowledge and skills that meet modern requirements for labor productivity.
The non-profit sector is able to respond promptly to the needs of various socio-demographic groups and reacts to new social challenges and problems by providing services to the population. In addition, NGOs offer the population additional jobs. It is important to increase support for non-profit organizations both in large cities and in small settlements.

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