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We measure the level of human capital development and the level of intellectual economic development applying  such criteria as labour market development in total. We measure them also according to efficiency of HR -processes inside each separate company and according the level of professional self-realisation and satisfaction of each individual. Today we observe a difficult situation in Russia and it is far from an ideal one. The level of Russian's loyalty to their employers is weak and employers suffer a shortage of employee’ competence, mostly intellectual. A lack of flexibility in the labour market gives and inability for it to adopt new formats of labour management that appear in conjunction with modern technological development. 
Deputy CEO
Almost half of the Russian population deny themselves the opportunity to travel, citing personal financial difficulties, with many willing to forego both domestic and foreign trips. The lingering effects of the recent economic crisis, falling incomes and the generally negative economic and geopolitical situation all add to the challenges faced by the tourism industry in Russia.
The real situation of cases in the Russian society in 2016 leaves huge potential for growth. As sociological research shows, the index of consumer confidence still remains much lower than in 2014. As a result of the negative consumer confidence, there is an increase in the percentage of the population showing a reduction in their weath, which could be impacting on the lack of confidence.Unreported unemployment is widespread - enforced - vacations without payment of salary, and the general level of wages is decreasing. 
Deputy CEO
During the first half of 2016, the economy contracted across a “broad front” and the fall affected all sectors. Despite of the contradictory indicators and prospects of the economic situation in the whole country, the situation in the banking sector inspires cautious optimisum. According to the second quarter of 2016, the banking sector became more profitable even without the data of Sberbank Russia. Net profit of the sector for the specified period increased by about 54 billion rubles, despite the fact that parts of the food market segments shows steady growth, while other sectors continue to fall. 

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