Measuring Financial Literacyin all regions of Russia
Индекс цифровизации бизнеса Банка «Открытие»

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National projects affect every citizen of Russia. Therefore, the important indicators of project effectiveness are the level of awareness of national projects, satisfaction with their implementation, feeling of a positive effect. The state has a great responsibility for the result. We will systematically conduct measurements of Russians’ attitude to national projects in order to monitor the situation in dynamics.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
The format of remote work in Russia, as well as over the world, is still developing. According to the International Labor Organization, the number of remote workers in the EU is 17%, while in Japan, Sweden, Finland and the United States in some industries it reaches almost 40%. The relatively low rate of growth in the number of remote workers is related to the fact that for an employer this format of work is not just benefits but also some disadvantages.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
Working Russians are aware of risks of losing jobs, if the automation and digitalization processes in companies will be more dynamic and they will not be able to obtain the necessary knowledge. Employers are more optimistic: digitization of business processes in micro and small businesses is at the beginning of its development.
Research Project Manager. Construction and Real Estate Direction.
A number of measures are being taken to improve the environmental situation in Russia today: containers for separate collection of garbage, buses of the latest ecological classes, monitoring system of industrial enterprises, reduction of the number of private cars in city centers. Moreover, Russian companies are becoming more environmentally responsible.
Head of HR and Energy Industry Research
The survey results show an increase in demand for personnel on the labor market, primarily due to the development of small young companies. The tendency to expand the staff is associated with achievement of a certain level of economic stability in companies and an optimistic outlook for business development.
Research Project Manager
There is redistribution of demand on the market of tourist services last several years: consumers are seeking to organize their vacation independently. A significant contribution to the transformation of the industry is made by young people who prefer to book flats, buy air and railway tickets and plan their itinerary in detail by themselves.

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