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«Tet-o-tvet» — is a platform for quick surveys of the target audience. We will help you create a toolkit and set up an online survey so that you get not just numbers, but valuable insights. Make a sample by gender, age, professional, geographical and any other parameters in order
to interview exactly those people whose opinion is important to you.

The «Tet-o-tvet» platform is suitable for conducting
both representative sociological and marketing research.

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We are experts in digital surveys that combine our accumulated experience with the latest survey technology.

Working on projects, we help our clients to better understand their consumer in order to offer an attractive service or product by implementing a step-by-step plan of specific actions.

Our advantage is a combination of impeccable methodology for each study and industry expertise, which we are ready to share with you.

  • Research geography — all of Russia
  • We will help in organizing the survey - from compiling a questionnaire to analyzing the results. Send a full cycle research or just a field stage (data collection)
  • We are trusted by leading Russian and world brands, government departments and research institutes
  • NAFI has been working in the research market for more than 15 years. We will share our experience with you and make your research really useful

>500 thousand

active participants

up to 10 thousand

new members monthly


profile characteristics for the target

>15 years

on the research market

How do we recruit respondents?

Recruitment is ongoing, which ensures the high quality of survey data and excludes the professionalization of respondents. In order for you to be able to conduct online research on a representative sample, we provide a random (probabilistic) selection of respondents both at the stage of panel formation and when sending out invitations to participate in the survey. We recruit up to 10,000 new members per month using a variety of channels:

telephone recruitment by random (RDD) sample


NAFI website

social media

individual invitation


How do we motivate respondents to participate in surveys?

Respondents are the main value of the online panel. It is important for us to give participants the opportunity to receive a decent reward for their work. The money you receive for the survey can be:

transfer to a bank card
credit to mobile phone account
donate to a charity

How do we check participants?

In the field of online surveys, there are unscrupulous respondents who, for the sake of monetary reward, provide false information about themselves. Trap questions, phone checks, verification of personal data and regular purges of unscrupulous panelists make our data as reliable and of high quality as possible.

Additional verification technologies:

  • Geography control by IP
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Manual verification of registration data
  • Individual assessment of the conscientiousness of respondents
  • Data cross-colation

The highest data quality standards

ESOMAR International Standard for Panel Management and Online Research: The 28 ESOMAR Questions Every Online Research Solution Provider Should Answer to a Client


Procedures for quality control of the collected data (Review of the Laboratory of Sociological Expertise of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

DownloadNAFI Quality Control

Registered Data Controller (Reg. number 77-21-019859), compliance with the requirements of the regulator in this area


Benefits of working with NAFI

Personal project manager (consultation on any issues throughout the project)
Professional drafting of questionnaire questions
Survey results in the general distribution and cross tables (Excel) with color coding of statistically significant differences
SPSS data array (including open-ended question coding and variable grouping)
Recruiting participants for qualitative research (in-depth interviews or focus groups)
Analytical report and data visualization

How our work is built

Preparing a questionnaire
We program (make a script)
Sampling and targeting
Survey statistics
Quality control
Open response encoding
Data processing
Analytical report
Result activation

How is the representativeness of the data ensured?

  • Random (probabilistic) nature of the selection of participants in the panel and their invitation to a specific study. Every Russian over the age of 14 who has access to a smartphone or the Internet (this is 97% of the total population of the Russian Federation) has an equal chance of being included in the study sample
  • The sampling error for a particular study depends on the target audience and sample size. However, question and answer wording, screening parameters, and other circumstances can also introduce bias into survey data. Trust research work to professionals

NAFI technical advantages

Our online panel was developed by researchers and brought to life by NAFI programmers. So now you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of our full range of research tools, creating and conducting surveys quickly, securely and inexpensively.

  • Super-fast programming (scripting) of questionnaires
  • Placement of servers on the Russian Federation territory
  • Servers provide simultaneous filling of questionnaires for 10,000 respondents
  • Secure data transfer with encryption using the https protocol
  • Secure data storage with encryption of user responses in the database
  • Technical support 24/7 (by email and phone)
  • Uninterrupted service operation
  • Support for all modern devices and operating systems
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More than just consumer surveys

We professionally conduct research among representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia on the main problems of the business community, business conditions in the country to determine the business climate in Russia, the dynamics of its change. Surveys are conducted through our Voice of Business platform, launched in partnership with the Association of Entrepreneurship Development Institutes My Business and the TASS news agency.

Голос бизнесаVoice of Business
Представитель бизнеса

How to check the online panel quality?

The online panel complies with international research standards and can be certified by ISO, ESOMAR or other independent audit documents
Have research experience among the target audience you are interested in
The online panel protects the personal data of respondents. Check if it is in the Register of Personal Data Operators of Roskomnadzor
There are research results in your field in the public domain: to what extent the data and conclusions correspond to your expert ideas
The online panel verifies its members carefully
The online panel conduct a pilot survey. Ask to collect data on customer parameters known to you and compare them with data from your customer base or CRM

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We received not just a set of numbers, but useful insights that allowed us to understand the needs and values of our audience


The formalized results of the study clearly showed the direction of management decisions for our company


Implementing projects with NAFI, we always see the team's focus on finding the most effective solution to research problems

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