Международные проекты

NAFI Research Centre provides commercial and social-economic research in the Russian Federation as well as abroad. NAFI’s research geography extends from Russia to CIS and  Eastern Europe. Each year, in collaboration with our international partners, we conduct comparative studies dedicated to the most topical issues of behavioral public economics.  

The Centre is a certified member of International professional associations:

World association for market, social and opinion research

Mystery shoping providers association

Commercial projects

During more than 10 years NAFI is studying industrial аreas in Russia and CIS for the benefit of international companies in Europe, USA and Asia. Our clients are The World Bank Group, OECD, Google, PayPal, Western Union and other.  

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Research projects

NAFI Research Centre is a part of fundamental sociological scientific projects in cooperation with research institutes and colleges, government agencies, international NGOs and professional associations. 

     In cooperation with  Project
CGAP     Financial behavior of retired people in context of digitalization 
eMarketer Global travel report 2018 
National Research University Higher School of Economics Work conditions for young scientific and pedagogical workers in foreign higher educational institutions» (Brazil, Germany, India, China, Norway, Portugal, Russia, USA, France)
National Research University Higher School of Economics Problems of the HR-policy of universities in the context of the conditions and consequences of hiring their own graduates in higher education institutions (Argentina, Spain, China, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, South Africa, Japan)
IFO Institute Center of Economic Studies, Germany Germany experience in the development and monitoring of the business climate (IFO-Index survey)
University of Zurich Department of Banking and Finance The role of financial literacy in small and medium enterprise development
The International Business Leaders Forum of the Prince of Wales (IBLF) Financial Literacy in Russia
The World Bank Group A sociological study on assessing the level of financial literacy of high school students (grade 10) and the ratio of pupils and teachers in general secondary schools
The World Bank Group Financial Literacy in Russia
CGAP, Beyond Philanthropy GmbH  Financial Inclusion in Russia: the demand-side perspective
Moscow City Department for Competition Policy Studying the best practices of organization public procurement system on the example of the procurement system in Berlin
Mastercard, Child and Youth Finance International Child and Finance (part 1, part 2)
CGAP Financial behavior of retired people in context of digitalization
OECD  Adult Financial literacy in G20 countries

Links on NAFI’s research results in international academic publications

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  • «Children & Finance» project in Russia // The Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) – http://childfinanceinternational.org/news-and-events/news-blog/entry/children-finance-project-in-rus.... 19 February, 2016.
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Research in CIS


Latest comparative research in Russia - CIS economic cooperation:

NAFI in international media

Media Published item
Bloomberg 19 Jun 2018 End of Putin's Middle Class Boom Turns Savings Into a Luxury
The Jamestown Foundation Mar 27, 2018 The FSB: A Formidable Player in Russia’s Information Security Domain
Tokenradar24 Jan 22, 2018 56% Russians know about Bitcoin, Only 9% would like to invest: Survey
News.Bitcoin Jul 28, 2017 Survey: 28% of Russians Have Heard of Bitcoin
CNBC Mar 22, 2017  Russia to sell bonds directly to households from April
REUTERS Mar 22, 2017  Russia to sell bonds directly to households from April
Russia Beyond the Headlines   Mar 22, 2017  Most Russians have no plans to improve living conditions
The Newspapers Apr 10, 2016  To forget the way to the Bank: 20% of people do not use financial services
Trade Arabia Business News Feb 25, 2016  Russia, new frontier for Islamic finance
The Jerusalem Post Feb 23, 2016  How to stop worrying and live in the permanent crisis in Russia
ForkLog magazine Oct 13, 2016  Number of Bitcoin Ban Supporters Decreases in Russia
The Japan Times Oct 7, 2014    Why so many Russians are addicted to Putin
Russia Today Oct 12, 2012  Russians spend when crisis looms
Russia Today  Jan 9, 2012   Safe harbor for Russians' savings
Russia Today  Feb 4, 2011   Russian financial literacy to get boost
Russia Today  Aug 16, 2010 Time to focus on savings

Internship for graduate and undergraduate students

Dozens of graduate and undergraduate students undergo their internship with NAFI each year. We provide them base opportunities to do research in Russia

  • 2017 – Bektur Tuibaev, The Academy of Public Administration under The President of The Kyrgyz Republic, Faculty of Management and Economics.
    Main topics: Sustainable development, Analysis of sociological data.
    E-mail: tuibaevbektur@gmail.com
  • 2017 – Mariya Ryskina, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Economics, Business and Administration.
    Main topics: Customer service estimation, IT-services in financial companies.
    E-mail: Ryskina.Mariya@gmail.com
  • 2017 – Mohamad Almugrabi, University of Aleppo, Management, Financial University (Moscow).
    Main topics: Business management, Sociology of brands, Loyalty programs for banks.
    E-mail: M.oh1989@hotmail.com
  • 2016 – Darya Labok, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Faculty of Economics and Business, specialization – Business Informatics.
    Main topics: Investment management, Private equity, Venture capital.
    E-mail: DashaLabok@gmail.com
  • 2015 – Anastasia Predko, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, The Faculty of International and Political Studies.
    Main topics: International political communications, Contemporary diplomacy.
    E-mail: predko.anastasia@vp.pl