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The structure and volume of the market

We create a research product at the intersection of sociology and analysis of market statistics

Assessment of the market capacity and potential in the context of product segments and services
 We calculate the market capacity of a particular product or service (sales volume, demand and purchasing power), determine the saturation level of the market. Forecast the maximum production and consumer capabilities of the segment.
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Actual and prospective demand
We estimate the effective demand. Analyze consumer’s desire, preferences and expectations.
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Elasticity of demand (conjoint analysis)
We study the potential reaction of the buyer to the product's price change, level of income and other factors.
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Conditions and tariffs, pricing studies
 We prepare surveys on tariffs and prices in the studied segment. We determine the optimal high price at which the majority of potential consumers would buy a product or service.
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Region’s growth potential
We study the economic potential of the region and its main components: natural, production and labor resources.
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Innovation research
We prepare reviews of innovative solutions for economic segments, estimate the attitude of the target audience to them.
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Customers and consumer behaviour

 Behavioural economics research is conducted by sociologists, experts and socio-psychologists

Customer segmentation
We distinguish groups of consumers or potential consumers of a product/service by necessary characteristics, describe the portraits of consumers.
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Customer service quality assessment (mystery shopping)
We evaluate the effectiveness of sales channels, employees' activities, on-call and online consultations. We analyze the system of competitor's service and partners of the company.
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Customer loyalty assessment
We calculate NPS (Net Promoter Score) - the index of consumers' adherence to a product or a company (readiness for repeated purchases and recommendations).
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Consumer insights
We determine the value settings, drivers and motives for purchasing, as well as the real reasons for consumer's choice of the product in specific conditions.
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Customer satisfaction with products and services (CSI)
We study the level of customer satisfaction from the interaction with the company or the brand.
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Brand and advertising

Besides, traditional methods of research in branding we use technologies of neuro-marketing.

Assessment of brand awareness and perception
We study the ability of target audience to recognize or remember the trade mark of the company at the moment of making a choice or just before buying the product.
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Competitive analysis: proximity perception assessment
We build a perception map based on associative and projective technologies.
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Identifying effective communication channels
We measure the company's awareness in the specific communication channel.
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Testing of advertising concepts
We evaluate the reaction of respondents to the demonstration of advertising concepts.
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Product potential

We are experienced in experimental research: we create conditions that are as close as possible to the real situation of choosing a product or service.

Assessment of changes in demand for services when changing the conditions of their provision (conjoint analysis)
We study the possible reaction of buyer to the product price change, the level of income and other factors.
Revealing insights through the use of product or service selection criteria
We determine value settings, drivers and motives for buying, as well as the real reasons of consumer's choice of the product under certain conditions.
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studies of attitudes towards the company’s new products/services
We demonstrate to the respondents the concepts or trial versions of new products or services, organize test use, analyze the reaction.
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recommendations for the promotion of new products and services
We conduct brainstorms, fix and classify the ideas of consumers to promote product or service.
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Онлайн-опросы (CAWI)

PR and GR projects

We have our own information analytical centre, as well as an internal PR agency.

Preparation of public studies, including media coverage of topical issues
We prepare open research on relevant topics for initiating publications in the media, organize events and other activities.

See the list of cases.
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PR activity: design of presentation materials, media coverage, press releases, social media posts, conferences/business breakfasts/round tables
We visualize the data, create presentation materials, initiate publications in the federal media, organize conferences/ business breakfasts/ round tables with experts.
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Research experience, scientific expertise and business practice in partnership with the HR agency GENERALIST and the Labour Market Research Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics

Evaluation of the effectiveness of business processes, personnel communications and cross-functional interaction
We identify the opportunities to optimize company's activities in terms of performance, cost, time and quality. We determine strengths and weaknesses of information transfer, the level of information distortion, as well as the "stress zone" in the cross-functional interaction within the company.
Assessment of productivity and its growth potential, development of measures to improve productivity
We evaluate the labor cost, identify the limitations and reserves of the potential staff.
Company management system assessment
We evaluate the current management system, the management competencies of managers regarding other companies in the market.
Salary surveys, development of remuneration/staff motivation systems
We analyze the level of salary of various companies in the industry as a whole and in the context of posts and professions. We compose descriptions of the optimal compensation and social package.
Monitoring of the company’s image as an employer
We evaluate the level of attractiveness of HR-brand (for current or potential employees). We identify the factors that influence the formation of the employer's image, employee satisfaction and the level of staff turnover.

Government & Public sector

More than ten year specialisation of research in the field of finance for state authorities. Their own information analytical centre.

The index of confidence in public institutions
We monitor the level of public confidence to the executive authorities.
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Enterprise and business climate studies
We study mood and expectations of SMEs regarding business conditions, issues of financial activity of entrepreneurs, degree of involvement of organizations in the government support programs.
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Financial literacy tracker for population.
We study the measurement parameters of financial literacy, evaluate the level of literacy in the country and in separate regions, for various socio-demographic groups. Study the relationship of financial literacy and consumer activity of Russians.
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Financial inclusion tracker (for public and corporate sectors)
We evaluate the level of accessibility of financial services by the criteia infrastructure, cost, quality of service, as well as the use of services by various social groups.
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Consumer rights Protection
We study the attitude of consumers to the protection of their rights.
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Financial services

More than ten years of expertise in research for the financial sector. Amongst their clients are the largest banks, insurance companies and other financial organisations.

Customer service quality assessment “Seal of Excellence”
Оценка включает в себя работу по шести блокам:

Репутация организации, собственников и менеджмента, положение на рынке
Прозрачность и полнота раскрытия информации на сайте
Финансовая устойчивость / надежность организации
Управление рисками, система внутреннего контроля и бизнес-процессы
Удовлетворенность потребителей в процессе пользования услугами
Защита прав потребителей

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The survey and in-depth interviews with top managers of financial institutions
We recruit top-managers of financial organizations and market experts for in-depth interviews, analyze and summarize the results.
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