all-Russian Survey of Entrepreneurs (Business Omnibus)

Regular (held every quarter) all-Russian telephone survey (CATI) of business leaders allows you to get a quick and complete picture of the opinion of business in relation to b2b products and services, to study the business climate, the attitude of business to legislative initiatives.

Why use Business Omnibus? 

  • to monitor brand awareness and health (brandtacking) impact assessment, of an advertising campaign 
  • to test the demand for b2b services and support of product launching on to the market 
  • to assess business sentiment and consumer activity
  • to understand the effect of changes in legislation 
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of government support measures

Advantages of Business Omnibus 

  • the only BUSINESS OMNIBUS in the Russian research market

  • the all-Russian sample of 500 enterprises provides data by business size, industry and geography

  • the sample is formed for each wave according to a single system of rules and allows you to obtain comparable data

  • interviews are conducted over the phone rather than online, thus avoiding sample bias

  • data quality is ensured by 100% recording of all interviews

  • only operators with extensive experience in conducting b2b-interviews are involved in our studies

  • results are available three days after the completion of the survey

  • each customer receives only his own exclusive data

  • the cost is much lower than similar custom studies

Methodology of research 

Telephone interviews (CATI) are conducted with managers of enterprises, financial decision-makers (CEO and his/her first deputies, commercial director, financial director, chief accountant, heads of departments). The sample of 500 enterprises allows us to obtain data in terms of size of business, industry, geography, type of settlement.   

The advantages of Business Omnibus have already been appreciated by 

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