БИЗНЕС-ОМНИБУС НАФИ (всероссийский опрос предпринимателей)

Всероссийский опрос предпринимателей (бизнес-омнибус)  A monthly telephone interview survey, of 500 heads of enterprises and their deputies, who are responsible for taking financial decisions. The questionnaire includes questions from several customers on various topics. The participants will receive their own data.
Download the detailed information pdf-document-interface-symbol.png 

Why do we use the business-omnibus? 

  • monitoring of brand awareness and health (brandtacking) 
  • impact assessment, of an advertising campaign 
  • the testing of demand for b2b services and support of product launching on to the market 
  • evaluation of business-climate and a forecast of business-sentiment 
  • the effect of changes in legislation and to ongoing reforms 
  • the demand for financial services and products from SMEs
  • evaluation of the measures of state support effectiveness

Advantages of the business-omnibus 

  • representative all-Russian sample of enterprises 
  • research targets just decision makers 
  • research can be refreshed starts every month
  • you  formulate the research and only pay for the questions that you request 
  • results are available in three days, following completion of the survey
  • the research is not "paneled", and each time can represent different samples 
  • conducted by phone, not online

Methodology of research 

Telephone interviews (CATI) are conducted with managers of enterprises, financial decision-makers (CEO and his/her first deputies, commercial director, financial director, chief accountant, heads of departments). The sample of 500 enterprises allows us to obtain data in terms of size of business, industry, geography, type of settlement.   

Ths is the only business-omnibus on the Russian survey market. 

The advantages of all-Russian surveys of entrepreneurs have already been appreciated by 

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Other methods of research, used by NAFI