U&A (Usage and Attitude) – complex research that allows you to study in detail the needs and habits of consumers. This solution uses quantitative methodology, and the results help solve various business problems. Learning about customer habits and preferences is essential to maintain company's competitiveness, optimize marketing and reduce the risk associated with mis-positioning of products and services.

Why use U&A?

  • to determine the level of brand knowledge, experience of using the product
  • to form the portrait of a customer (lifestyle, hobbies, behavioral and psychographic characteristics)
  • to get a full research report on the brand image
  • to understand factors that determine the choice of a company/product/service
  • to identify drivers and barriers to using a product/service
  • to get a structured analysis of customer needs and expectations
  • to identify features of consumer behavior

Advantages of using U&A with us

  • development of a methodology for a specific task with a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods
  • use of modern research methods of consumer behavior (Social Media Listening, Shop-Along, Eye-tracking, Online focus groups)
  • practical business recommendations based not only on the data obtained, but also on the knowledge and experience of our experts
  • compliance with the standards of international and Russian research practice at every stage of the study

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