Телефонные интервью


Телефонное интервью 

A telephone interview is one of the most economical and common methods of collecting sociological information. As a rule, data is collected using a strictly formalised questionnaire for fixed or mobile communication. This type of survey is indispensable in the case of the need for a broad geographical coverage of the studied object.

Solved issues 

  • Description of the target group preferences of the product or service
  • Public opinion research
  • Estimating the capacity of the market for products or services
  • Description of socio-demographic and other characteristics of the target group of consumers of goods or services and so on.

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

The telephone research system, which is a computerised workplace and is connected to the server. While using the CATI system it uses special software, that allows:  

  • to organise a paperless survey technology (program questionnaire, logical transitions, filters, etc.);
  • to generate a sample of telephone numbers;
  • to set and control sampling quotas automatically;
  • to monitor the interview process at each workplace.

Advantages of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)

Low cost  The cost of research using CATI, is usually lower than a personal interview.
In addition, the CATI format saves on the cost for the questionnaires circulation and data entry.
Efficiency  The opportunity to reach a large sample in a short period of time 
Reachability of  hard to reach categories of respondents  
The opportunity of interviewing hard to reach respondents 
High level of control 
High levels of quality control of the interviewer's work, as the conversation is on the record
Providing a random selection of respondents Automatic formation of the contact database, allows the random selection of respondents 
Logical control of conversation and quotas  Programming the questionnaire allows us to set and control sample quotas automatically, as well as to perform error free logical transitions on the questionnaire

Provision of results 

According to the research results the Customer gets: 

  • An excel spreadsheet in general distribution and cross-tabs by:
    • gender and age
    • education
    • family status
    • federal district and type of settlement
    • employment, sphere of activity and income 
  • Data in SPSS format 
  • An array of original questionnaires completed with respondents
  • Analytical research in PowerPoint (optional) format

Why it's worth to work with us?

  • A wide partner network of CATI studios across Russia
  • Own databases B2C and B2B
  • Interviewers with extensive experience in B2C and B2B projects
  • Professional help in drafting questionnaires
  • The opportunity to quickly obtain data for a large sample size
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