Syndicates (NPS, CSI)

Studies of the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty are necessary for making decisions on further steps in the development of products and services or the company as a whole. These studies help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company's activities, to determine the degree of influence of various factors on the overall satisfaction and customer loyalty to the company.  

Studies include the calculation of CSI (measures the level of satisfaction) and NPS (measures the level of loyalty, willingness to recommend). CSI&NPS are best paired to better understand whether high customer satisfaction leads to loyalty and, therefore, long-term relationships.

Why use CSI&NPS

  • to measure the level of customer satisfaction in general, as well as for individual processes, products, services

  • to measuring the level of satisfaction with products/services of competing companies and to compare the indicators obtained

  • to assess the risk of potential customer churn and its obvious and latent reasons

  • to analyze factors affecting customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • to prepare a training program for staff, taking into account the identified shortcomings of client work

Advantages of using CSI&NPS with us 

  • only interviewers with many years of relevant experience are involved in our studies

  • our experts will help you to build a sample where the data has statistical significance at optimal project costs

  • mathematical methods are used to identify the key factors affecting the level of loyalty and satisfaction, including regression and correlation analyzes, gap analysis paired with CSI&NPS methods

  • we use our own base of benchmarks based on NPS methodology in financial services markets (banks, insurance, leasing), construction, telecommunications

  • effective, modern and tested tools and methods for calculating the index (customer satisfaction questionnaire)

  • we can include relevant questions in Business Omnibus free of charge, if necessary

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