Оценка удовлетворенности и лояльности клиентов (NPS, CSI)

   A joint quantitative study done for several (5-7) market players and aimed at reaching a general decision, as well as private goals and objectives. 

Syndicate objectives : 

  • evaluation of loyalty level to and customer satisfaction with the companies involved in the research project
  • comprehensive analysis of factors that affect customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • assessment risk levels of potential outflow of customers


Data collection: CATI-survey (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) of the clients of participating companies in the study of the databases provided 

Sample study: an agreed number of effective interviews with clients of each participant of the study

Toolkit: a structured questionnaire which target interviews lasting 5-7 minutes

Frequency: once per quarter  

The advantages of syndical studies have already been used by 

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Other study methods used by NAFI