Psychological&Motivational Research

Psychological&Motivational Research – a complex of biometric studies that allows access to the cognitive and emotional responses of consumers. Neuromarketing tools help you to measure emotions, attention and intensity of feeling simultaneously in any type of media. Such studies make it possible to look at a person's behavior both from the point of view of his incentives and interests and taking into account his psychological characteristics. This analysis allows you to predict the impact of changing conditions on the decision-making process.

Why use Psychological&Motivational Research?

  • to test your ads (including social)

  • to test product concepts

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing methods and ways of influencing the subconscious of the consumer

  • to take experimental and diagnostic measurements

Advantages of using Psychological&Motivational Research with us 

  • cooperation with experimental laboratories of leading Russian universities

  • research is carried out on professional equipment for neuroscience

  • the best experts in behavioral economics, neurophysiology, psychology are involved to interpret the results and make conclusions

  • compliance with the standards of international and Russian research practice at every stage of the study

The advantages of  Psychological&Motivational Research have already been appreciated by 

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