Ad Research

Ad Research – studies that help to identify effective advertising messages and to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Depending on the goals, research can be done before, during and after the end of the campaign.

Ad Research helps to understand customers and their motivation through advertising testing, to predict effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Testing your ads is the best way to see how effective a new ad can be. Achieving the best results requires a clear understanding of what the main purpose of the tested ad is – to increase brand awareness, to build a brand image or to boost sales.  

Why use Ad Research?

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising communications by various indicators: knowledge of advertising, broadcast attributes of the image, attractiveness, effective delivery of the key message, motivation potential, clarity, brand relevance
  • to assess visibility in advertising channels
  • to make the comparative analysis of competitors' advertising activity
  • to get the recommendations for optimization of advertising concepts and placement
  • to select the most attractive advertising concept from those developed by a creative agency
  • to test wording and/or slogan variations
  • to identify the most effective advertising channels
  • to determinate the optimal mix of advertising messages in different channels
  • to get the assistance in developing a PR campaign

 Advantages of using Ad Research with us

  • using neuromarketing tools during the research (for example, Facial Expressions Scanner)

  • a clear and understandable scheme for translating research results into KPIs

  • compliance with the standards of international and Russian research practice at every stage of the study

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