Онлайн-опросы (online surveys)


Online survey is the fastest and most convenient tool for quantitative research. The online survey is conducted with the involvement of respondents via the Internet, in the format of a ready-made online panel, while the sample of respondents can take into account the sex, age, profession, geographic and other characteristics of the target group.

This method makes it possible to carry out surveys of difficult to achieve target audiences or specific customers of the Customer. The level of Internet connectivity in Russia is 65–70%.

The advantages of an online-survey 

The speed    Usually, no more than 5-7 days after the questions are coordinated with the Customer, before the results are received
Cost Conducting online research can significantly reduce the cost of the project 
Control Mathematical algorithms exclude from questioning dishonest respondents;
Double script check before questions to the respondents;
Pilot launch and internal quality control 
Quality Respondents answer more sincerely. The absence of an interviewer tends to lead to the percentage of respondents offering just socially approved answers significantly reducing.  
Multimedia questions, click-tests Video, audio, image, as well as click- and shelf- tests are available in the online format   
Eliminate data entry errors  Automatic digitisation of results in real time 
International standarts  Meets ESOMAR standards and OECD recommendations for conducting representative online studies  

Online surveys with NAFI 

  • Professional compilation of qualitative sociological questions.
  • The results of the data in the general distribution and the cross table are presented in the .xls format.
  • The data set in the SPSS format.
  • Recruiting survey participants for a qualitative study.
  • Analytical report and data visualisation.

Other methods of research, used by NAFI