Naming – a complex marketing research that helps to create or choose the best name for a company, product or service. The study is based on a simulation of the market reality, where competing names predetermine the success of product recognition and sales. All significant players of the market assess their attitude to different name variants. Both already made names can be tested and new ones can be developed.

Why use Naming?

  • to make and test the best possible names

  • to get the expert assessment of phonetic, semantic and graphic parameters of names and associated risks

  • to build a rating of the attractiveness of names and form product lines

Advantages of using Naming with us

  • attracting experts of all categories: philologists, representatives of PR-agencies, industry specialists

  • mandatory calculation of concordance coefficients at the stage of drawing up expert groups

  • use of special software for mutual peer review

  • proposing several naming concepts for entire product lines if necessary

  • ability to prepare a description with recommendations for the formation of names for future products

The advantages of Naming have already been appreciated by

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