Mystery Shopping/Calling


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MYSTERY SHOPPING (Mystery shopper) is an important research area. This method is especially relevant for companies interested in customer loyalty and wishing to be confident in the high quality of their service.

Why do we use "Mystery shoppers"?

  • Development of service standards quality;
  • Control over the quality of compliance and the success of implementing customer service standards;
  • Understanding the reasons of decreasing quality standarts of employee's work;
  • Benchmarking - analysis of the competitive environment;
  • Evaluation of service benefits from competitors;
  • Control over the work of dealers and franchise companies;

Opportunity of implementation

  • Mystery Shopping - the personal visits of secret buyers, with the purpose of receiving a service or consultation, or the purchase of goods. The possibility of recording the process of communication with employees, photographic evidence of the appearance of the office / store, or quality of the received materials.
  • Mystery Calling - calls to call centres and sales offices to assess the efficiency, thoroughness and quality of the consultation.
  • Mystery Mailing - registration of online requests on the organisations sites, sending emails to evaluate the speed of response and the thoroughness and quality of the information received.
  • Mystery Viewer - is a visual assessment of the work quality: the appearance of staff, the availability of promotional materials, the quality of the layout of goods (merchandising) and fixing the prices.


NAFI is a full and comprehensive analytical centre, which means that in order to obtain the results you are interested in, it is enough to characterise your needs, and we will take upon ourselves:
  • the development of a tools, script and a checklist for secret buyers. The key to success in conducting research such as, Mystery Shopping is the availability of a simple and understandable script for secret buyers. The verification scenario is designed in such a way that the actions of secret buyers are as plausible as possible, with all the necessary quality of service parameters assessed and recorded in the checklist.
  • staff recruitment to commit inspections that fully matches the portrait of the target audience representatives. While recruiting the shoppers who will conduct inspections, NAFI takes into account all relevant characteristics, ranging from gender and age and if necessary, the level of income and experience of using certain services.
  • the training and coaching of mystery clients
  • summarising the results and preparing analytical materials based on the mystery buyers' reports.

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