The Hall test or testing in the central location (CLT or central location test), is a kind of personal interview, aimed at testing the individual characteristics of goods / advertising materials indoors. The specificity of the hall test is to find and select a special target audience (for instance, children, migrants, consumers of a specific product / brand), as well as a special room that allows clients to monitor the progress of data collection. Hall tests make it possible to increase the percentage of respondents' reachability, especially with a complex study design or complex questionnaire structure.

What kind of objectives does the hall test solve? 

  • Determination of the organoleptic characteristics of the goods important for the consumer
  • Definition of directions for improvement of the goods
  • Testing of name options, packages, brand concepts
  • The choice of the most effective, in terms of impact on the consumer advertising
  • Comparison of the product with competitors
  • Forecasting sales of an existing and new product
  • Evaluation of the brand value

For what is used the hall test?

  • Pack Test
  • Name Test
  • Product Test
  • Concept Test
  • Advertising Test
  • Sensory Test - smell, taste, tactile sensations and other
  • Product Line Test
  • Price Sensitivities

Advantages of hall test

Materials demonstration The respondent has an opportunity to take a test sample or try the product, which increases the likelihood of an adequate evaluation of the product, packaging and advertising.
Convenient environment Answers to the questions are carried out in the room creating a comfortable environment for both the interviewer and the respondent
Real choice simulation The ability to design a system of testing and display, to manufacture a real situation of choice
High level of targetting The survey involves only respondents who have strictly passed all the eligibility criteria and who represent the real target consumers of the product or service.
Small sample size To obtain representative data, it is enough to interview 100-150 representatives of the target audience
Low cost of research Low cost of research due to the small amount of the sample 
Control The permanent presence of supervisors at the location, as well as the opportunity of client to be present during the field work 

Provision of results

Based on the results of the survey the customer receives:

  • An excel spreadsheet in general distribution and cross-tabs by:
    • Gender and age
    • Education
    • Family status
    • Deferral district and type of settlement
    • Employment, sphere of activity and income 
  • Data in SPSS format
  • Analytical report in PowerPoint format (optional)

Why is it worth working with us?

  • Professional help in drafting questionnaires
  • Professional assistance in the preparation of demonstration materials, including shelves with the involvement of designers
  • Availability of ready-made solutions for each type of tasks
  • The availability of developed and tested indicators for comparative analysis
  • A wide network of interviewers and supervisors
  • The ability to quickly obtain data
  • Wide partner network of locations
  • Recruitment of the interesting target audience for further qualitative research
  • Use of special software to program the questionnaire and automatically exclude respondents who have not passed the selection criteria.
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