Онлайн омнибус 

Online Omnibus is an analogue of traditional omnibus research and has all its advantages. The study is conducted on a monthly basis, using an all-Russian representative sample of 1,200 people over the age of 18. The sample reflects the structure of the Russian population in accordance with the all-Russian census data. Omnibus contains in one questionnaire different thematicsubjects from several Customers.

What tasks does the online omnibus solve?

  • Collecting the opinions of a wide range of potential clients
  • Customers will only pay for questions that they requested 
  • It is held on a monthly basis and the results are ready within 2 days
  • Data is provided on the sample as a whole and individual social groups
  • What is the online omnibus used for?

  • Monitoring of brand awareness and brand health (brand-tracking)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
  • The testing of the demand for services and support of product launching on to the market
  • Research of the target audience
  • Testing ideas and business concepts
  • Tracking (monitoring) studies
  • Advantages of online omnibus 

    Online Omnibus is an analogue of traditional omnibus research and has all the advantages of the latter. The quality of Online Omnibus data is not inferior to data obtained with the help of conservative face2face interviews and CATI. The share of Russians who are currently actively using the Internet is 65-70%.

    Answers quality Respondents answer more sincerely, with a much reduced, number merely offering socially approved answers. This can be attributed to the absence of "the interviewer effect" 
    Elimination of data entry errors  Automatic digitisation of results in real time 
    The system of results verification  Mathematical algorithms exclude data from the questioning of dishonest respondents
    Representatives The proportion of households covering the Internet exceeds the coverage by fixed telephone.
    This ensures the reachability of a busy and professionally active audience.
    Multimedia questions, click tests Video, audio, images, also click and shelf tests are available in the questionnaire framework
    International standards  Meets ESOMAR standards and OECD recommendations for conducting representative online research

    According to the research results the Customer gets: 

    • An excel spreadsheet in general distribution and cross-tabs by:
      • gender and age
      • education
      • family status
      • federal district and type of settlement
      • employment, sphere of activity and income 
    • Data in SPSS format 
    • An array of original questionnaires completed with respondents
    • Analytical research in PowerPoint (optional) format

    Why it's worth to working with us?

    1. Cost: lower than face to face interview
    2. Professional help in drafting questionnaires
    3. A wide network of interviewers
    4. The ability to quickly obtain data for a large sample size

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