The in-depth interview


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The in-depth interview, is a qualitative research method for identifying the respondent's true attitude towards the issue under discussion. An informal personal conversation, conducted according to a preplanned format and based on the use of techniques that encourage people to a lengthy and thorough reasoning on the issues of interest to the researcher.

NAFI Research Centre organises 

An in-depth interview, "one to one " An in-depth interview, with two respondents 
  • When it is necessary to get in-depth information about a person 
  • When it is important to identify the hidden emotions and motives 
  • For delicate or sensitive topics (for instance, financial issues)
  • When it is necessary to answer questions that are hardly understandable (there is an opportunity to explain the essence of the problem to the respondent) 
  • For understanding the interaction and mutual influence of people who have a connection i.e. friends, husband and wife, etc.
  • When studying the lifestyle of consumers - respondents additionally "stimulate" each other, remember stories and so on
  • When studying the mutual influence on the choice of brand, habits, the nature of the product use
  • For the research "Deep Consumer Understanding" (to understand the features of interaction, their joint joys, mutual discontent)

Field work

The in-depth interviews are conducted in a specially equipped room under the guidance of an experienced moderator. The survey is recorded using audio and video means. In addition, NAFI provides the Customer with the opportunity to covertly observe the research in a specially equipped room of the Customer ("behind the glass").

After the completion of the interview, specialists begin to transcribe and process the received information (content analysis of text data, analysis of qualitative data with the help of NVivo):

  • the "mood" of discussion and reaction to the tested materials is analysed;
  • the nature, emotionality and "mood" of the discussion are evaluated;

Technical support 

  • SMS-notification of participants about the place and time of the focus group
  • Continuous synchronous video recording of discussions, on two independent media
  • Camcorders with active control
  • Relay video stream to the tablet or smartphone of the Customer (iOS, Android)
  • Ability to ask questions and monitor the progress of the discussion online
  • Placing the results on the NAFI server, for remote access by password
  • Transfer of remuneration to participants by card through the Internet bank (if necessary)

Organisational support 

  • Convenient location offering vehicle parking
  • Filtering of "professional" respondents
  • Moderator with higher psychological education
  • Various  formats of motivation: from monetary remuneration to charitable contributions on behalf of respondents

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