Фокус-группы онлайн

Онлайн Фокус Группы НАФИ 

Online focus groups are held on the interactive platform, NAFI Forum, simulating the virtual focus group room. Access to the resource is supported and available 24 hours per day and focused to the needs of customers.

Instruments and methodology 


  • Creates discussions 
  • Has a full control over the time and duration of the event  
  • Divides the participants into subgroups
  • Uses projective techniques
  • Manages the time and intensity of the research


  • Profiling of the target group, is carried out with the Customer
  • Recruitment of among customers of the Customer as participants of the Forum, from the Contractor's own database, from online panels and from amongst the respondents of the Online Omnibus NAFI
  • Full freedom in discussing the issues is raised
  • Maximum immersion in the process of communication
  • Perform offline tasks of the moderator (maintaining diary entries, visiting outlets, fixing on key points during the day, etc.)
  • Interact both with the moderator and with other participants of the Forum
  • Monitoring the process of discussions in real time
  • Communication with the moderator directly, with the possibility of adjusting the course of the research and questions of interest.

6 key advantages:

1. Geography
  • partisipants can be anywhere in the world
  • attraction of less mobile groups of the population 
2. Online environment  
  • maximum levels of convenience for participants ( they can correspondence from home or the office)
  • anonymity and safety for participants 
  • there is time to consider over answers and reactions 
3. Depth
  • full involvement in the research process 
  • speak out and be successful 
  • they give more thoughtful and sincere answers
  • individual design 
  • using pictures, audio and video content 
5. Cost
  • the cost is lower than offline analogs 
6. Time
  • participants can be involved from different time zones 
  • operational processing of results 

Provision of results:

According to the research results, the Customer would get:

  • The ability to view the process of discussions in real time
  • Full transcripts of the discussions
  • An analytical report in MS PowerPoint / pdf format.

Other research methods used by NAFI