The focus group is a method of qualitative research for an extended study of the target audience. This is a group in-depth interview, during which the dominant social mood, the attitude of the participants to acute issues and the causes and motives of this relationship are determined.

The advantages of this method is the ability to reveal not only explicit but also hidden motivations of participants, which often remain unexplored when using other research methods.

NAFI Research Centre organises 

standard focus groups (6-8 people) mini focus groups  (4-5 people)  creative focus groups (brainstorm) 
  • When it is required to discuss issues that do not require a deep immersion in the personal history of each respondent.
  • For studying the reaction of consumers to various types of advertising communication (videos, animations, slogans, etc.)

  • When diversity of opinions is important and at the same time, some topics require more detailed study (for instance, when interviewing entrepreneurs).
  • When it is necessary to formulate fresh ideas, and test the attitude towards them. To find new niches and products and to get insights of motivation from consumers.

Field works

The focus groups are held in a specially equipped room under the guidance of an experienced moderator. The discussions are recorded using, audio and video means. In addition, NAFI provides the Customer with an opportunity to covertly observe the research in a specially equipped room of the Customer ("behind the glass"). 

After the completion of the focus group, the specialists begin to transcribe and process the received information (content analysis of text data, analysis of qualitative data with the help of NVivo):

  • the tonality of the discussion and reaction to the tested materials is analysed;
  • the nature, emotionality and tonality of the discussion are evaluated;
  • the results of a formalised express-survey, conducted during the focus group are summarised.


Technical support

  • SMS-notification of participants about the place and time of the focus group
  • Continuous synchronous video recording of discussions on two independent media
  • Camcorders with active control
  • Re-broadcasting of the video stream to the tablet or smartphone of the Customer (iOS, Android)
  • The ability to ask questions and monitor the progress of the discussion online
  • Results are recorded on either a signatured dvd or flash-carrier
  • Placing results on the NAFI server for remote access by password
  • Transfer of remuneration to participants by card, through the Internet bank (if necessary)

Organisational support

  • Convenient location, offering vehicle parking
  • Filtering of "professional" respondents
  • Moderator with higher psychological education
  • Various formats of motivation: from monetary remuneration to charitable contributions on behalf of respondents

Other methods of research, used by NAFI