Экспертное интервью

Экспертное интервью 

The method of qualitative research is one of the types of in-depth interviews, the focus of which is not on the personality of the interviewee, but on his knowledge, competence and professional experience in a certain field of activity.

The expert: is a person, who has:

  • deep knowledge, professional experience and competence in a certain field of activity
  • high status, is empowered to act in a certain way and has the ability, to make managerial decisions.
  • insider information about groups of people, on the decision-making processes, development and application of strategies and policies whitin the organisation

     When and for what it is used Advantages 
  • When you need to focus not on the opinion of the majority, but on competence
  • When access to classified information known to a limited number of specialists is necessary
  • When it is important to "probe", the primary orientation in a poorly understood area
  • When you need a forecast  regarding the development of an activity, or the definition of the industry or market trends
  • The possibility to get a professional point of view of the problem under study
  • The rapid study of a new, unexplored area or phenomenon
  • Help in generating ideas and getting problem solutions


Specialists of NAFI will take over:
  • preparation of terms of reference and formulation of research goals and objectives
  • the development of a guide, in accordance with the objectives of the study.
  • selection of a group of relevant and competent experts, leaders in their field of knowledge, with the capability to provide a comprehensive and unbiased view of the problem under study
  • the search and recruitment of experts and their search and motivation to participate in the study.

Methods of motivation 

Depending on the status and type of experts, we use different methods of motivation, including:
  • Material compensation;
  • Recommendations;
  • Information letters;
  • Involvement of professional associations;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Providing some of the data.
We entrust expert interviews to those professionals with a sociological or psychological background. All interviewers, before the interview are given instruction, including immersion in the research topic.
Our specialists, will process audio recordings of interviews, prepare transcripts and conduct qualitative analysis of the data obtained. They will use modern methods of analysing unstructured textual information, including the use of specialised software packages. To confirm the findings of the study, citations of the survey participants are used.
Other methods of research, used by NAFI