Customer Journey

Customer Journey ― marketing research that helps to systematize customer experience and improve the effectiveness of marketing activities in order to increase conversion between transitions from one channel/point of contact to another and along the entire way.

Why use Customer Journey?

  • to systematize points and channels of contacts with potential and real customers

  • to study the client's choice of certain interaction options

  • to analyze the stages of interaction between the client and the company

  • to identify ways of increasing satisfaction and loyalty of current customers

  • to increase customer involvement in the process of interaction with the company

  • to reduce the loss of customers when they move from one point of contact to another

  • to develop the ways to "retain" customers along the entire path of interaction

  • to improve communication with customers and the quality of product or service

Advantages of using Customer Journey with us 

  • using a combination of polling and non-polling methods (web analytics data, customer databases, etc.)

  • as the result of the study you get a simple and understandable visualization of the way a consumer interacts with a product or service, displaying all stages, channels, drivers and barriers that arise at each of them

  • customer journey map is visualized by a professional designer in a pre-print layout

  • only effective practical recommendations to reduce barriers and increase customer motivation

  • organization of workshops to discuss the results with the client and jointly find the ways to solve the problems

The advantages of Customer Journey have already been appreciated by 

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