Conjoint Analysis


Conjoint analysis (CA) is the most popular and precise statistical method to study consumer preferences. It allows to determine the best configuration for new or existing products/services. A researcher compares attributes of products to identify those that have the greatest impact on purchasing decisions. CA can be applied to a wide variety of categories of products or services at the stage of their creating or changing their current parameters.

Why use CA?

  • to select the optimal configuration of the product/service (price, package size, design, etc.)
  • to determinate the relative importance of individual attributes of products or services (by the power of influence on the choice when buying)

  • to forecast demand when changing product/service configuration parameters

  • to model the market segment (to distribute demand between the product and its competitive environment)

  • to identify consumer segments based on their preferences

Advantages of using CA with us

  • representation of the target audience by the maximum number of characteristics (including geographic)
  • thorough recruiting of representatives of the target audience

  • only experienced interviewers and moderators are involved in the data collection process

  • a simulator is being developed to visualize the results of Conjoint Analysis

  • the results of the research are presented at the office of the client company, if necessary

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