Анкетные опросы


Consumers questioning: the method of collecting information by the self-filling of the questionnaire by respondents themselves.   

What is the questioning used for?

  • The monitoring of the social and political moods of the population
  • Studies of the consumer behavioural structure (Usage and Attitude)
  • Measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • The study of the media preferences of the population
  • Price research
  • Receiving information on sensible, sensitive issues

Advantages of the questionnaire survey

The ability to organise mass research The ability to interview, large numbers of respondents at their place of work or study 
High regulation Strict regulation of the procedure, makes it possible to obtain well-structured and comparable results
Anonymity The anonymity of respondents increases the objectivity and sincerity of the answers received. It also eases the questioning of sensitive topics for a person  
Low cost of research The relatively low labour intensity of the procedures for preparing and conducting a research 
Absence of "interviewer effect" Absence of the influence and behaviour of the interviewer impacting on the respondent's responses
materials A possibility to offer visual materials to the respondent for evaluation 

Results provision

Based on the results of the survey, the customer receives:

  • An excel spreadsheet in general distribution and cross-tabs by:
    • Gender and age
    • Education
    • Family status
    • Deferral district and type of settlement
    • Employment, sphere of activity and income 
  • Data in SPSS format
  • Analytical report in PowerPoint format (optional)

Advantages of the method

  • Cost: lower than a face-to-face interview
  • The ability to quickly obtain data for a large sample size
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