HR Research


HR research is a tool to assess the impact of staff on a company's performance. Research data helps heads of HR departments to quickly respond to changes and make timely management decisions to optimize methods of working with staff.

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Why use HR Research

  • to identify the peculiarities of employees' perception of the company's strategy  

  • to monitor the image of the company as an employer (HR brand)  

  • to assess the current state of the organizational climate and the effectiveness of internal communications of staff     

  • to measure the level of employee satisfaction with working conditions, the current remuneration system, management style  

  • to determine the level of loyalty of company staff (measuring the eNPS Index), to identify drivers and loyalty barriers

  • to analyze the current level of labor productivity and factors affecting it

  • to evaluate the effectiveness of the built management system

  • to determine the level of salaries and development of incentive systems

Advantages of using HR Research with us

  • a combination of survey methods with non-survey methods (for example, big data analysis of impersonal HR information about employees, official statistics, etc.)

  • search for insights and development of practical recommendations

  • benchmarking, the possibility of regional, all-Russian and international comparisons

  • projects are being implemented in cooperation with the consulting company Generalist and the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies (LIRT) of the HSE University

  • transparent methodology for calculating indicators, data collection and sampling information

  • pool of experts in the field of work with employees from the corporate and scientific environment

The advantages of HR Research have already been appreciated by 

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