The Market Of Retail Electronic Payment Facilities: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №4(8), 2017

16 June 2017

The market of retail electronic payment facilities is a bright example of how information technologies change the landscape of business. Transformation of payment market forms trends in other branches of economics and stimulates the appearance and development of new services and products in finances, trading, transport, tourist branch and other spheres. Today, strong competition between three key players (banks, electronic money operators and mobile operators) determines the situation on electronic payments market. Those credit and financial organisations that had accepted the challenge of hi-tech players are gradually transforming in IT-companies. Banks that will not be able to adapt to changes, will have no long term future. The consumers win, firstly because of competitive growth within electronic payments market. Availability and quality of payment services are being improved and the variety of payment services are being expanded. However, people are slow to use all the opportunities that market offers them. The analysis of consumer trends shows that most of our fellow citizens still use cash for everyday payments for goods and services and do not use modern digital services. Nevertheless, the share of those who prefer non-cash payments is growing steadily. It is reasonable to expect that within 1-2 years non-cash payments, and services, will be in demand amongst the majority.

Type of publication: Industry report

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