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Real Estate Demand: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №2(6), February 2017
16 May 2017
2016 saw the Russian residential property market begin a tentative recovery after the 2015 slump. Similarly to the 2008-2009 crisis, after regaining their post-crisis footing, Russian consumers soon began to return to the market.
Tourist Services Market: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №1(5), January 2017
6 April 2017
Almost half of the Russian population deny themselves the opportunity to travel, citing personal financial difficulties, with many willing to forego both domestic and foreign trips. The lingering effects of the recent economic crisis, falling incomes and the generally negative economic and geopolitical situation all add to the challenges faced by the tourism industry in Russia.
Small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №4, December 2016
29 December 2016
 The economic turbulence by the end of 2014-2015 has affected the financial sustainability of the small enterprise’s entities and has influenced on readiness of banking sectors of lending to the current segment. The prevailing situation has resulted to the reduction of the lending market for small and medium-sized enterprises for 28% in the first half of 2016. 
Russian Public sector: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №3, November 2016
29 November 2016
The real situation of cases in the Russian society in 2016 leaves huge prospects for the growth. As sociological research shows, the index of consumer confidence still remains much lower than in 2014, the real profit of the population continue to decrease, the proportion of population increases, which could be attributed to the poor. Uncovered unemployment is widespread – vacations without saving salary, the decrease of level of wages. 
Russian business is under the pressure of sanctions
17 November 2016
40% of companies are SMEs and, there is a growing negative impact of Western sanctions on businesses. Two-thirds of the organisations on the basis of forecast 2016 profit no higher than last year's level.
Real Estate Demand: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №2, October 2016
29 October 2016
The main topic of NAFI’s open research in the field of real estate for the current year became the demand of citizens for housing, both own and rented. 
We are forecasting that for the further year there will be no significant increase in demand for the purchase of own housing and no mortgage.