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NAFI and WWF study: Russians do not link the extinction of rare animal species with climate change
26 January 2022
Russia currently has 443 species of animals listed in the Red Book of the country*. Especially sensitive to climate change (temperature increase, ice melting) are the inhabitants of the polar regions. At the same time, according to a study conducted by WWF Russia and the NAFI Analytical Center**, Russians do not consider climate change to be the main reason for the extinction of rare animal species in Russia.

1001 opinions of Russian business leaders: the second wave of the study by PwC and NAFI
25 November 2021
PwC and the NAFI Analytical Center conducted the second wave of a large-scale study of the opinions of Russian entrepreneurs (the first measurement was carried out in 2018). The purpose of the study is to find out how entrepreneurs assess the state of the Russian economy, the prospects for doing business, how well they are aware of current trends in the business environment.
NAFI and Google found out how digital platforms help develop creative entrepreneurship in Russia
10 November 2021
Thanks to the current level of digitalization, creative companies are growing 3-5 times faster than the entire economy as a whole. Those who used digital platforms were less affected by the effects of the pandemic. 82% of creative entrepreneurs in Russia are convinced of the effectiveness of digital platforms for developing their business, and 44% plan to use online platforms more for selling goods and services, advertising, PR, marketing, online learning. Foreign platforms are becoming an important export channel for creative industries: 79% of creative exporting companies use them in their work.
Russians began to include plant-based alternatives to meat and milk in their diet 3 times more often during
19 September 2021

For a year and a half, residents of Russian cities began to eat plant-based meat and milk substitute products 3 times more often (in the “meat” category, the share of consumers increased from 10% to 34%, in the “milk” category - from 9% to 31%) - soy meat, wheat sausages, seitan, milk based on oats, rice, soy, buckwheat, etc. These plant-based alternatives are most sought after by young people and those with high affluence. At the same time, according to residents of Russian cities, the amount of consumed meat and milk of animal origin has practically not changed during the pandemic. These are the results of a study conducted by the Eat Better project together with the NAFI* Analytical Center.

Security on the side of iOS: iPhone owners are more likely to use the secure device unlock option
24 August 2021

One of the cybersecurity tools is authentication when unlocking a smartphone using a fingerprint, password, pattern, face, retina, etc. Two-thirds of smartphone owners in Russia use this protection system, and more often this is done by iOS device owners and those who actively uses instant messengers and banking applications (regardless of the operating system of the device). This is evidenced by the results of a study by the NAFI Analytical Center

Every second bank customer is ready to recommend his credit card to friends
8 June 2021
 Credit card users are satisfied with the way digital banking is set up, they note a high level of service and a sufficient credit limit. The TOP-5 banks in terms of customer loyalty with credit limit cards included Sovcombank, Raiffeisenbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB and Tinkoff Bank. These are the results of a study by the NAFI Analytical Center*, which was conducted among credit card holders of leading Russian banks (including installment cards and overdraft cards).