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Stereotypes about Women and Their Consequences. On the Path to Equal Opportunities in the Digital Economy
14 May 2020

Цель исследования состояла в изучении существующих установок в российском обществе, влияющих на неравенство в цифровой экономике. Сегодня выявлено, что стереотипы пронизывают все сферы жизни, в связи с чем необходимо повышать вовлеченность женщин в цифровую экономику одновременно с изменениями в других сферах, где стереотипы также сильны. Вопросы стереотипов в отношении женщин рассматриваются с точки зрения того эффекта, который они оказывают на цифровую экономику и другие сферы: рынок труда, экономику в целом, публичную деятельность, семью. 

Russians Self-Assess Their Financial Literacy Level Higher
14 November 2018
 Compared to last year, Russians began to rate their level of financial literacy higher. More families began to keep monthly records of expenses and incomes and to compare financial services that different organizations offered. 
Every Fourth Russian Has a High Digital Literacy Level
20 June 2018
26% of Russians demonstrated high level base digital skills. Digital literacy index stands at 52 points out of 100. At the same time the Russians are prone to being light-minded in regards to protecting data: only 38% of respondents make backup copies of their data, and 44% of users do not know how to act correctly if they receive an email with malicious software from someone they know.
Russian market of financial services: social studies, statistics and publications. №6(10), June 2017
23 August 2017
In epoch of global digitalization and hi-tech developments, there appear newer and more modern services and products on the financial service market. Process automation, switchover to distance service channels and assimilation of experience from developed economies promote the situation when financial institutes in Russia implement their new services very quickly and in many cases without reference to ultimate consumer.
Business Climate And Competitveness Of Russian Enterprises: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications.
3 August 2017
At the close of the first half-year period of 2017, the entrepreneurs’ mood remains pessimistic. Pessimism predominance demonstrates that crisis stage has not been passed yet and Russian economics, opposite, enters in the cycle of recession. And the exit from this recession will not be so fast-moving as it was expected before.
The Market Of Retail Electronic Payment Facilities: Social Studies, Statistics And Publications. №4(8), 2017
16 June 2017
 The market of retail electronic payment facilities is a bright example of how information technologies change the landscape of business. Transformation of payment market forms trends
in other branches of economics and stimulates the appearance and development of new services and products in finances, trading, transport, tourist branch and other spheres. Today a strong competition between three key players (banks, electronic money operators and mobile operators) determines the situation on electronic payments market.


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