Timur Aimaletdinov


Research Director


• Russian State Social University, Faculty of Sociology
• Tax Academy of the Russian Federation, Legal Studies


• Member of ESOMAR
• Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS)
• Member of the NTI 2035 University Expert Council Independent Assessment of Digital Economy Competencies 
• Inventor of innovative techniques for studying consumer behavior
• Lecturer at RSSU, National Research University Higher School of Economics and Russian State University for the Humanities; specialty: Data Processing and Visualization Techniques
• Ph.D. in Sociology
• Author of over 40 scientific papers and 4 monographs, co-author of Encyclopedia of Russians’ Financial Behavior; h-index – 9

Publications in business editions 

• Does the population trust financial institutes of the country? // Analiticheskiy bankovskiy zhurnal. 2016. №11 November – 12 December 2016 (237).P. 58-61
• Banks are the base of trust // Bankovskoye obozreniye. 2016.  №12 (215)
• Aimaletdinov T.A., Paklina S.N. Banks’ friendliness concerning people with disabilities // Marketing uslug. 2016. № 2. P. 126-138
• Has the trust to financial institutes increased? And how it was measured? // Banki I delovoy mir. 2016. №11 (263). P. 56-58
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• Aimaletdinov T.A., Research approach to bank’s brand awareness // Marketing I marketingovye issledovaniya. 2011. № 1. P. 28-37

Publications in scientific journals 

  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Igushkina O.N. Birth rate in the context of attitudinal change of gender equality and public opinion about healthcare system in the country // Monitoring obschestvennogo mneniya: economicheskiye I socialnye peremeny. 2015. № 1 (125). P. 40-50
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Mozhenkova E.M. Endangerment of social fairness principals in Russian healthcare system // Monitoring obschestvennogo mneniya: economicheskiye I socialnye peremeny. 2015. № 6 (130).P. 67-78
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Zhukova N.E. Safety culture forming in conditions of institutional development of healthcare system and social services: gender aspect // Monitoring obschestvennogo mneniya: economicheskiye I socialnye peremeny. 2014. № 6 (124). P. 135-140
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  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Lvov S.V., Nikolaeva A.N. The analysis of programs and events realization efficiency in the context of healthcare modernization in 2011-2012 // Gosudarstvenniy audit. Pravo. Economica. 2013. № 3. P. 25-31
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Rodin K.S., Lvov S.V., Katsaurova S.U., Egorov S.A. Household expenses for medical treatment: measuring methods and existed appraisal comparing. // Gosudarstvenniy audit. Pravo. Economica. 2012. № 4. P. 127-138
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Family life style changing in conditions of society informatization  // Socialnaya politica I sociologiya. 2009. № 1 (43). P. 77-85
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  • Aimaletdinov T.A. High technologies and problems of information inequality in Russia // Sociological Studies of Children and Youth. 2003. Т. 8. P. 121-125 

Books and monographs

  • Russian financial services market // Sociologiya. Statistika.Publikatsii. Otrasleviye obzory. Edition 6(10) / Authors: I.E.Tochilinskaya, Т.А. Aimaletdinov, О.А. Sharova; NAFI Analytical center. – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017. –p.73
  • Financial behavior of senior people in Russia in the context of digitalization / Authors: Aimaletdinov T.A., Antonyan S.S., Baymuratova L.R., Imaeva G.R., Tomilova O.V., Sharova O.A.; NAFI Analytical center. – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017. 
  • Children and finance 2.0: Savings and payments’ safety /Authors: Antonyan S.S., Imaeva G.R, Aimaletdinov A.A., Baymuratova L.R, Sharova O.A.; NAFI Analytical center. – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017. 
  • Children and finance / Lobanova I., Imaeva G.R., Aimaletdinov T.A. М., 2015 
  • Complex sociological research conducting among students of education institutions in Moscow districts / Sokolova I.V., Aimaletdinov T.A., Ezhova G.L., Mudrakova O.A. Report about research scientific work № GK/14-8 from 12.09.2014 (Moscow professional and career development Center) 
  • Encyclopedia of Russians’ financial behavior / Aimaletdinov T.A., Imaeva G.R. Lobanova I.A., Lubimova M.V. М., 2013 
  • 100 facts about financial behavior of Russians: 2012 / Aimaletdinov.T.A., Barabanova U.B., Egorov S.A., Imaeva G.R., Katsaurova S.U., Lubimova M.V. М., 2012 
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Family life style in conditions of modern informational environment in municipal community: sociological analysis: Dissertation abstract. Candidate of Sociological Sciences / RGSU. М., 2009
  • Net cooperation development in social education system / Sokolova I.V., Aimaletdinov T.A., Ivanchenko D.A., Plakhtiy M.V., Voronina E.P., 2009.
  • Aimaletdinov T.A., Access to information about government authority activity in Russian Federation: sociological problems. М., 2004


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