Lyudmila Spiridonova


Людмила Спиридонова

Head of HR and Energy Industry Research


• State University of Management, Faculty of Sociology
• State University of Management, Russian-Dutch Faculty, Center of Excellence, specialty: marketing


• Combined marketing research experience is over 14 years
• Quantitative and qualitative research experience in the field of HR, finance, energy industry,FMCG, etc.
• Moderator/interviewer in qualitative research (focus groups,in-depth and expert interviews) 

Publications in scientific journals  

• Spiridonova L.V. Russians’ level of loyalty to employers in conditions of economic crisis: towards the future. Forecasting in sociological researches: Materials of VII international sociological Grushin conference. 2017. P. 1731-1734.

Books and monographs 

• Human capital assets and its demand at modern labor market // Sociologiya, Statistika. Publikatsii. Otrasleviye obzory. Edition 3(7) / Authors: L.V.Spiridonova, I.V.Sokolova, A.A.Yaranova, A.V.Durnov, O.A.Sharova; NAFI Analytical center. – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017. – p.