Leysan Baymuratova

Лейсан Баймуратова

Director for Digital Economy Research


• HSE University, Bachelor’s degree in Sociology
• HSE University, Master’s degree in Applied Methods of Social Analysis of Markets  


• Member of the Russian Society of Sociologists (RSS)
• Qualitative and quantitative research experience in the field of IT and telecom, retail networks, automobile market

Books and monographs 

• Market of retail electronic payment facilities // Sociologiya, Statistika. Publikatsii. Otrasleviye obzory. Edition 4(8) / Authors: S.S.Antonyan, L.R.Baymuratova, I.V.Sokolova, O.A.Sharova  – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017. – p.40 
• Children and finance 2.0: Savings and payments’ safety. Monography /Authors: Antonyan S.S., Imaeva G.R, Aimaletdinov A.A., Baymuratova L.R, Sharova O.A.; М.: 2017.
• Financial behavior of senior people in Russia in the context of digitalization / Authors: Aimaletdinov T.A., Antonyan S.S., Baymuratova L.R., Imaeva G.R., Tomilova O.V, Sharova O.A.,  NAFI Analytical center. – М.: Publishers NAFI, 2017