Elena Guseva

ГусеваHead of Research Projects


• National Research Mordovian State University N.P. Ogareva, Bachelor of Sociology
• National Research Mordovian State University N.P. Ogareva, Master in Sociology of Social Change
• National Research Mordovian State University N.P. Ogareva, Postgraduate study "Social structure, social institutions and processes"
• Leibniz-Institut fur Landerkunde, scientific internship within the DAAD program


• Experience in marketing and sociological research, preparation of reports

You can contact Elena by e-mail  guseva@nafi.ru

Publications in scientific journals

  1. Guseva E.N. Construction of urban identity in electronic media // Ogarev-Online. 2019. No. 14. 
  2. Bogatova O.A., Guseva E.N. Visual representations of the social identity of Saransk as the capital of the Republic of Mordovia in urban public spaces // Ogarev-Online. 2019. No. 14.
  3. Guseva E.N. Construction of an attractive socio-cultural image of the city of Saransk as a factor in the formation of a positive territorial identity // Bulletin of the Udmurt University. Sociology. Political science. International relationships. 2017. No. 1. Pp. 71-83.
  4. Guseva E.N. Construction of the socio-cultural image of the city in the context of the formation of the image of the Finno-Ugric region // Regional differentiation and consolidation of the social space of Russia: realities and new challenges: V Sukharev readings: materials of the international scientific and practical conference, October 15-16, 2015, Saransk / ed. : CM. Vdovin and others; Sci. center of social and economic monitoring. Saransk, 2016. Pp. 365-367.
  5. Bogatova O.A., Guseva E.N. Social attitudes of Russian students towards the informal study of the English language (on the example of the N.P. Ogarev Mordovia State University) // Integration of Education. 2014. No. 4. Pp. 133-140.  
  6. Fadeeva I.M., Guseva E.N. Social order of the region for the training of professional personnel with foreign language competence // Regionology. 2014. No. 1. Pp. 50-59.

Books and monographs

  1. Human capital: assessment of labor relations, topical problems // Sociology. Statistics. Publications. Industry reviews. Issue 2 (15) / Analytical Center of NAFI, authors-compilers: L.R.Baimuratova, E.N. Guseva, L.V. Spiridonova, A.A. Yaranova. - Moscow: NAFI Publishing House, 2019.