Research & Science

Science lives in practice. 

The research industry needs a constant reassessment of existing tools and finding new tools for better understanding people's behaviour and decision making mechanisms. We actively cooperate with scientific institutes, departments of leading Russian and foreign universities, innovative sites and hitech start-ups for the development and testing of the most advanced research technologies.

The results of our research and experiments are made available to a wide range of researchers, publishing articles in leading Russian and foreign scientific periodicals.

Now we focus on the following issues:

1. Methodology: methods and techniques of research

  • combined omnibus: optimal combination and selection of the respondent's most convenient survey methods
  • self-learning samples of representative surveys
  • confidence index in financial institutions 
  • financial literacy of entrepreneurs and tests to evaluate financial literacy of citizens
  • tests to assess the digital literacy of citizens

2. Scientific strategies of industry research directions

IT and Telecom

  • Scientific strategy: research to create an information environment, interaction - with which forms an information culture and enhances the quality of human life.


  • Scientific strategy: development of the institution of entrepreneurship as a whole and increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, as a condition for improving the quality of life and society


  • Scientific strategy: increasing the level of financial literacy, financial accessibility and protecting the rights of consumers of financial services, as the basis of the financial well-being of the population.

Social Development 

  • Scientific strategy: information basis and recommendations for creating social comfort for economic growth

Construction and Real Estate  

  • Scientific strategy: development of the environment as the basis for improving the quality of life and the prerequisite for development of the country's economy.

HR Research

  • Scientific strategy: the identification of ways to develop human capital for the emergence of an intellectual economy and the self-realisation of each person.

Scientific Activities 

  1. VII Социологическая Грушинская конференция, собственная секция "Поведенческая экономика и формирование рынков будущего", организатор - ВЦИОМ, 16-17 марта
  2. Конференция молодых ученых «Новые подходы и методы в социологии: современные исследовательские практики», организатор - Совет молодых ученых Институт социологии РАН, 19-20 апреля 2017
  3. Круглый стол «Социально-экологические проблемы и глобальные климатические изменения: новая социальная реальность», организатор - Российское общество социологов, 18 мая 2017
  4. Международная конференц-сессия «Государственное управление и развитие России: выбор приоритетов», организатор - Российская академия народного хозяйства и государственной службы при Президенте РФ, 15-19 мая 2017

Internships for Russian and foreign students, graduate students and young scientists

We are ready to cooperate with talented students, graduate students and young scientists providing them a practical basis for research while passing the internship at NAFI, where they can further build their research career. 

Publishing House of NAFI 

The results of our research, as well as research of our foreign and Russian partners, can be found on the pages of the books of the Publishing House of NAFI:  

  1. Финансовое поведение пожилых людей в России в контексте дигитализации / Авторы: Аймалетдинов Т.А., Антонян С.С., Баймуратова Л.Р., Имаева Г.Р., Томилова О.В., Шарова О.А.; Аналитический центр НАФИ. – М.: Издательство НАФИ, 2017.
  2. Дети и финансы 2.0: Безопасность сбережений и расчетов /Авторы: Антонян С.С., Имаева Г.Р., Аймалетдинов Т.А., Баймуратова Л.Р., Шарова О.А.; Аналитический центр НАФИ. – М.: Издательство НАФИ, 2017.

The basic periodical edition of NАFI "Sociology. Statistics. Publications. Industry reviews ", the content of which is actively used by entrepreneurs and representatives of state structures, has the status of media (Certificate of registration of media Эл № ФС77-609510 of April 25th, 2017).

Participation of NAFI in scientific and professional communities

Analytical Centre NAFI constantly shares its knowledge, experience and research results with clients and partners, being a permanent member of:

  • Expert-Analytical Council under the State Corporation "ASV"
  • Expert Council of the development of competition in financial markets under the FAS, the strategic club at the Renaissance Credit Bank
  • Expert Council on Financial Literacy in the field of activities of non-credit financial organisations of the Bank of Russia
  • Russian Society of Sociologists

International Cooperation

Annually together with its foreign partners NAFI successfully implements a number of comparative, -cross -country studies on the most relevant topics of the financial markets.