NAFI will speak at conference "Training for the digital economy" on November 22

12 November 2019

22 ноября НАФИ выступит на конференции "Подготовка кадров для цифровой экономики"

Deputy General Director of NAFI Timur Aimaletdinov will speak at the 1st International Pedagogical Conference "Training for the Digital Economy" on November 22. He will talk about the results of NAFI research on the digital literacy of Russian teachers and their readiness to integrate digital technology into the learning process.

The purpose of the conference is to collect current digital practices and tools that can be used in educational process, and to introduce them to teachers around the world. The event will be held both offline and online, so teachers from 8 countries can participate in it: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Spain and Belarus.

Participants will be able to write a digital dictation that will test the level of their digital literacy, as well as receive personalized recommendations for improving their digital competencies.

In addition, everyone could participate in the quest dedicated to digital ethics and try to find violations in the rules of communication in the online environment for different countries.

The event will take place at the Digital Business Space on November 22.The broadcast on the official website will begin at 11:00.

You can register for the conference on the website: